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Pistols PistolsThe VARIO 1V Breech Loading Pistol is a high precision, short or long range pistol that is amazingly quiet and simple to use for distances up to 25 or 30 yards. It is very popular with zoos, farms, ranches and city/county animal control agencies. The pistol is supplied with a standard 1 meter x 11mm blowpipe barrel. The barrel can be used as a blowpipe with the addition of a simple mouthpiece. A 13mm barrel is available for the 5, 10, 15 and 20 ml VARIO syringes.

The pistol can be powered by either air, utilizing a detachable footpump, or CO2 supplied via an CO2 unit, which is also detachable. There is a site bar and barrel stabilizer on the pistol for increased accuracy.

A shorter, 1/2 meter length, 11mm pistol barrel is available, as an option, for use in limited space areas or for shorter ranges.

Please note, Blowpipe syringes are not intended for use in the Vario System.

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