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Vario Needles & Syringes | Vario Rifle & Pistol Practice Equipment

Additional items for use with the Vario System (Click on Thumbnails to view larger images)

ConnectorsSyringe Connectors: Stainless steel connectors, used to transfer liquid into the (front) medicine chamber of syringe. Also used to transfer air into the (rear) air chamber of the syringe.


Venting PinsVenting Pins: These are utilized in the loading and cleaning of the Telinject syringes and to position the syringe the proper distance into the blowpipe.

Barrel CasesBarrel Cases: A durable heavy plastic, lockable, slip case ina 2 or 3 inch carrier. The cases are suitable and convenient for shipping, transporting and protecting blowpipes and barrels in the field.

C02C02 Units: Specially designed for the Vario 1V Rifle/Pistol Systems as the source of power. Gas is pumped into the chamber by compression of a simple forefinger valve.


C02C02 Powerlet: Threaded C02 Powerlets 16 gms.

Foot PumpFoot Pumps : With or without gauge, designed for the Vario 1V Rifle/Pistol Systems and the 3V Rifles.



Rifle ScopesRifle Scopes and Laserscopes: Rifle Scopes, for use on 3V Rifles. Laserscopes for use day or night, adaptable to all pistol and rifle systems.


C02Pistol Case: The Telinject Pistol Case is manufactured of tough durable plastic. Features thick padded inner liners and easy open/close slide locks. Handler can accomodate a lock.



CleaningCleaning Tool: The weighted end of the cleaning tool is passed through the blowpipe and is then used to pull the pludget through the blowpipe.


CleaningSyringe Cleaning Solutions & Silicone Oil Syringe Lubricant: Available separately in assorted sizes.


DVDDVD Video Instructions and System Information: Introduced by Shambala's Tippi Hedren and narrated by Veterinarian Dr. Keith Amass, animal capture specialist and President of Safe Capture International, our DVD takes you through the Telinject Systems. Available half-price for new customers with first order.


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Vario Needles & Syringes | Vario Pistol & Rifle Practice Equipment
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