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TelinjectThe Telinject Blowpipe and the Vario Pistol & Rifle systems and methods of application of substances via remote injection of both domestic and non-domestic animals has proven very effective in Europe where it has been in use since 1973. The value of this method has been proven and accepted and it is, without a doubt, an indispensable part of the veterinarian's equipment for immobilizing, tranquilizing, vaccinating and medicating land and sea mammals as well as birds.

The Telinject systems appear simple yet years of research have gone into it's development. Telinject provides the ultimate achievable in safe, harmless and effective remote injection.

The syringes are lightweight and durable. Even without propulsion from the blowpipe or rifle they are automatic syringes which when placed into an animal by hand will inject the intended medication. Many have found that the rapid, hand placement of the syringe into an animal affords the ability to sedate, kill pain, medicate and allow harmless handling of sick, injured or aggressive animals. Consider an animal, injured or aggressive, being temporarily restrained with a come-a-long, rope, gloves, etc.; automatic, rapid injection can prevent further injury to both the handler and the animal.

Most systems of remote injection propel a projectile along with a simultaneous noise resembling a gun shot. The explosive sound causes animals to run when darted or prior to being darted; herds as well as individual animals become excited. The Telinject blowpipe system is virtually noiseless. The Telinject Vario pistol and rifle systems are also extremely quiet.

BearVersatility in the lightweight blowpipe syringe allows its use on birds and small antelope and cats which are often traumatized by either a heavier dart or a stressful muscular exertion at the time of impact which, in many cases, has been responsible for leg fractures in the smaller species of animals, especially antelope and deer.

Significant reduction in the sensation of injection due to syringe impact, a characteristic of the Telinject lightweight syringe, allows vaccination of groups of herd animals without causing them to run. This feature also allows easier, less traumatic retrieval of an immobilized or tranquilized animal; many animals are not stimulated to run, become excited, overheated, or exhausted following injection with the Telinject lightweight syringe.

The number of sites for injection often become more numerous due to the lighter impact, less traumatic features of the Telinject syringe.

Since the Telinject blowpipe and lightweight syringe system can be used over a range of 1/2 to 20 meters,and the Vario Pistol/Rifles used at very close ranges up to 50 to 70 meters, remote injection of an animal has taken on a new parameter in a most important consideration of the factors which affect the decision and feasibility of handling animals and/or employing a remote method of injection.

PandaThe fun of practicing an mastering the art of using the Telinject blowpipe usage is enjoyed by many throughout the world. It's fun to practice and "practice makes perfect." Telinject offers a variety of practice syringes and darts which allow operators to take a natural course in learning the art through the use of various weights and types of practice projectiles.

Telinject U.S.A., Inc. hopes that the use of the Telinject equipment will afford a newer more versatile, safe and successful (to man and animal) method of Tele-injection.

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